Evelyn Mary Dunbar (1906-1960) was a British artist, illustrator and teacher. She is known for her paintings that depict women’s contributions to World War II on the United Kingdom home front, particularly the work of the Women’s Land Army . She was the only woman working for the War Artists’ Advisory Committee on a full-time salaried basis . Dunbar had a deep devotion to nature and a particular affection for the landscape of Kent .

Some of Dunbar’s best-known works include:

The Queue at the Fish Shop (1943): This painting depicts a group of women waiting in line at a fish shop during World War II.
The Fairground (1946): This painting shows a fairground in Cookham, Berkshire, where Dunbar lived for much of her life .
The Evacuees (1940): This painting portrays a group of children being evacuated from London during World War II .

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