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A Sussex Walk along the Cuckmere River

Seven Sisters Cliffs

Hove and Brighton promenade Ocean Blue

Kemptown promenade Brighton Ocean Blue

Birling Gap Starling Murmuration Eventide

Eastbourne Pier and Huts Pebble Beach

Cuckmere Haven

Round Headed Rampion

A Sussex Walk Long Man of Wilmington

Beach Hut Seafront by Hove Plinth

Alejandro Martinez:
He was born in Granada, Spain, in 1973. He studied architecture at the Universidad de Sevilla and graduated in 1998.


He has always had a passion for drawing and in parallel with his architectural training he nurtured his particular interest in pen and ink drawings with graphic design.
From 2000 he worked as an architect in the UK. In 2006, longing for the proximity of the sea, he moved to Brighton. This change of scenery provided him with a rich gallery of experiences from which to draw inspiration. The subjects for his work varies with influences drawn from architectural detail, city views, landscapes, motion and still life.